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PM, Premier Announce $4.1 million For Barrie Transit

Provincewide Investment Means More Buses, Options for Residents and Commuters

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Ontario Funding New Palliative Care Hub in Alliston

Province Investing $1.05 Million in Matthews House Hospice

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Simcoe County Hospitals Receiving Provincial Funding for Repairs and Upgrades

Investment Will Help 135 Hospitals Continue to Provide High-Quality Care

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Ontario Investing $51 Million to Support Research and Foster Innovation

Province Awards Successful Recipients of Research Funding Competitions

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Barrie Athletes Go for Gold in Rio

Local Athletes Represent Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

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Ontario Ending Fees for Child Care Wait Lists

Province Introduces New Regulation to Ban Wait List Fees

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Ontario Athletes Deliver 15 Medals for Canada in Rio

Outstanding Performances Support Successful Games for Team Canada

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Ontario Launches Challenge to Spend More Time in Nature

Time Spent in Natural Settings Has Positive Impact on Mental and Physical Health

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One Organ Donor Can Save Eight Lives

Registering to be an organ donor takes only 2 minutes

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Province gives $9.1 million in funding for new cardiac care unit at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.


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