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1803_0__tfmf_ulti5z45jk0ly1jqiftlhzak_22404230-af59-45e4-abe3-3e9d027cd96a_0_photoup May 25, 2016

Ontario Investing up to $900M in Energy Retrofits for Social Housing, Apartments

Climate Change Action Plan Will Reduce GHGs, Create Jobs, Support Sustainable Communities

9096_4__tfmf_ya0fzj55m00cp1zfpixx5555_6fe41249-5fde-43ab-ab9f-1eb7a899a9cf_0_photoup May 20, 2016

Raising Awareness of ‘Silent Killer’

Barrie Fire & Emergency Service receives donation of carbon monoxide alarms

9081_4__tfmf_vl0y4aqekgoofr45k4mgkmf5_eb2aa1d4-9baf-47c6-9501-1461d4d307c1_0_photoup May 16, 2016

Province Supports Cardiac Care Unit at RVH

Ontario Also Investing More Than $5.2 Million in North Simcoe Muskoka Hospitals

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PATCH Initiative Receives Funding Following Successful Pilot Program

Simcoe County Paramedics Finding New Ways to Help At-Risk Patients

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Ontario Investing Up To $100M in Renewable Natural Gas

Climate Change Action Plan Will Reduce GHGs, Create Jobs, Support Sustainable Communities

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Ontario Invests $1.6 Million to Boost Tourism

Events and Exhibits will Attract Visitors and Support Local Economies

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1228_0__tfmf_gnto0hv34ulyy13vyi5lthma_077a98ce-64f1-4134-a0a2-6763434c304e_0_photoup   May 20, 2016

Provincial Parks Free of Charge on July 15

Ontario Participating in Healthy Parks Healthy People Movement

1807_0__tfmf_ulti5z45jk0ly1jqiftlhzak_fc0576e6-af28-4682-a7b0-3c8b5b79dc14_0_photoup   May 09, 2016

Ontario Provincial Parks Open for 2016 Season

Get Out and Enjoy the Great Outdoors this Summer

1224_0__tfmf_gnto0hv34ulyy13vyi5lthma_015e98b1-f579-4b38-ad7a-ee19550688b9_0_photoup   April 18, 2016

Do Your Part to Help Keep Ontario Clean and Green

Province Celebrates Earth Week April 18-22

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Province gives $9.1 million in funding for new cardiac care unit at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

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