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  • June 09, 2016

Borden’s Legacy One of Tremendous Service

Statement on the 100th Anniversary of CFB Borden

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of CFB Borden, we are celebrating more than a military base. We are also recognizing a shared history, a special bond between communities, and a relationship that continues to foster a sense of duty, dedication, service and patriotism.

Since it was first established in 1916, residents of Barrie have embraced the mission of the base. As heroes headed overseas, we waved goodbye; as thousands of others passed through for training, we opened our doors.

The duty shown by our brave men and women spill beyond Borden’s borders. As residents of Barrie, they share skills that move the city forward. These actions are more than just the rituals of daily life, but are important pieces of the Barrie mosaic, often defining what it means to live and raise a family in our community.

The base has also nurtured a special sense of patriotism. You can see it in the faces of children, newcomers, seniors and veterans. It’s not unique to our area, but it’s something I believe is rare and worth celebrating.

The military is often seen as a family. I believe everyone in Barrie and CFB Borden view it as an extended family. So, to Brigadier-General Carl Doyon and all the military personnel and staff past and present, I want to offer my congratulations and thanks for everything you have done and everything you have helped to build – both in Barrie and beyond.

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