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  • August 23, 2016

PM, Premier Announce $4.1 million For Barrie Transit

Provincewide Investment Means More Buses, Options for Residents and Commuters

The transit investment announced today will help make Barrie more livable, and will improve the lives of all residents, MPP Ann Hoggarth said following an announcement Aug. 23 at the municipal transit garage in south Barrie.

“The local transit priorities I have brought to Queen’s Park are being addressed thanks, in part, to a true federal partner. This announcement is how our government is improving transportation options, and putting in place infrastructure that will grow the economy and create jobs.

“I applaud Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being a true partner and for contributing this substantial amount, and I thank Premier Kathleen Wynne for making Barrie’s transit needs a priority for our government.”

The $4.1 million being invested in Barrie Transit will allow the city to purchase 13 more buses and six specialized buses. The overall funding will also improve options for commuters who take the GO train to Toronto.


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