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  • March 05, 2018

Leading Women Leading Girls 2018 Award Recipients

Ann Hoggarth, MPP for Barrie, is excited to announce the following recipients of the Leading Women Leading Girls Community Recognition Awards. The following women and girls have been working tirelessly to build Barrie as a vibrant and compassionate community.

The Leading Women/Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program acknowledges and celebrates women and girls who demonstrate exceptional leadership in working to improve the lives of others in their communities through volunteer work, such as:

  • Breaking down barriers and encouraging women and girls to get involved in careers where women are underrepresented;
  • Actively promoting equality, diversity, healthy equal relationships
  • Preventing violence against women and girls
  • Reducing racism and discrimination
  • Encouraging women and girls to participate in any part of public service
  • Acting as a positive role model by mentoring, coaching, leading events or organizations
  • Providing a positive example to women and girls in their communities

The Recipients of this award are:

  • Shayna Borhan
  • Liberty Verburrgge
  • Pat Ummels
  • Amber McAuley
  • Laura Lambert
  • Jennifer Armstrong-Lehman
  • Jane Dewar
  • Shelly Skinner
  • Darlene Graves
  • Peggy Bazin

MPP Hoggarth would once again like to congratulate all recipients for their contributions to our community.

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